We Love Cheese

Natural taste from the farm

Mykonos Farmers has created a unique range of contemporary "traditional Mykonian" cheeses for everyone to enjoy. We are proud of our cheeses. We use the artisanal methods that create a unique and flavorful cheese while embracing new technologies that allow for a sustainable and environmentally friendly cheese production facilities.

Meet Kopanisti

The Mykonian spicy chesse!


One of the most typical alpine cheeses in Mykonos. A special-tasting personality. It matures from 40 to 140 days with a fungus known as Penicillium Glauco and gets a full spicy taste with depth and duration. It is produced from both sheep and cow’s milk, while the salt used for its preparation is also the food of the fungus.

The most famous Mykonian cheese

Kopanisti cheese is a beloved local product. It is one of the most typical alpine cheeses in Mykonos.

Made with pure milk from certified providers.

Tradition is our guide, pure ingredients are our secret, technology is our tool.

Ability to age and get stronger by time.

Almost in every Mykonian family involved in agriculture or even in the domestic production of dairy products, there is a Kopanisti stored somewhere in the house. The ability to store it throughout the whole year makes the cheese able of having stronger flavour characteristics by time.

Amazing characteristic spicy taste.

The character of Kopanisti is very distinguished. The spicy features of the cheese create a unique flavourful feeling able to spot a new place in your heart.

A perfect “mezes”.

The best way to serv Kopanisti is as a “mezes”, used in smaller amounts. Try the famous Mykonian “mostrakia”, a version of tomato Kopanisti mezes, served on top of dried biscuits.

Made by Mykonos Farmers with 100% love!

In Mykonos Farmers, we use extra love for all our products. You are welcome to visit us anytime!

Other Products

With taste, texture, and aroma that could even compete with Feta, Xinotyro is the epitome of traditional cheese. Its flavor varies depending on the maturing time. Bitter and cool, it retains its special flavor in its short maturing time. While longer maturing, it gives it a pleasantly sour and salty taste that could ideally accompany several pasta dishes. Soft cheese is made in our dairy, from sheep’s or cow’s milk, in traditional baskets. A product of wide popular consumption for many years.


Niari is a cheese with short maturing characteristics, a soft color, a peeled texture, and a long-lasting flavor. This premature cheese is a relative product to the Kopanisti, is produced exclusively in our sheep cheese dairy, and is a special and new product.


From fresh cow’s milk with a dense and creamy texture and rich and full of flavor, our yogurt naturally drains in large cotton sacks. It is produced from raw cow’s milk and organic farming of our dairy.


In addition to the art of cheese making, a cheese maker should be gifted with the virtue of patience, if he wants to enjoy the Vrasto. With the rich but tasteful taste of sheep’s milk and its semi-hard texture. Vrasto was created and evolved on our island, where it has been constantly made for centuries. The first references to Vrasto are made from the ancient times of Ancient Delos, where handwritten papyrus of thousands of years, claims that the King of Delos, in wanting to show his indulgence to the King of Egypt, sent him boxed packages of excellent Vrasto!


Soft cheese, short maturing; it is made from sheep, goat, and cow’s milk. It is mainly used as a base in homemade, local pies, but the evolution of gourmet cooking combines cheese with the most delicious salads on the island.


Graviera or gruyere is well-known for the wheels, the rind of the hard cheese is marked with the characteristic crisscross pattern of its draining cloth. Gruyere of Mykonos Farmers is aged from 100% sheep's milk. It is currently in the small production stage.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese (or bleu cheese) is a semi-soft cheese with a sharp, salty flavor. It is made with cultures of the edible mold Penicillium, giving it spots or veins throughout the cheese in shades of blue or green.